They are all around me, and I’m often losing time dreaming about them.

Chips and curry sauce!

I love the taste, I won’t ever lie to you. The aroma lures me in, and I’m often weak! I give in and purchase a nice hot portion of chips, with curry sauce in a small pot.

The flavours? Delicious!

Classic British dish.

Why don’t I abstain? In the past, when I’ve restricted myself, I’ve ended up eating more than I have intended on doing so.

I permit the dreams, and often they amount to nothing more, other times I give in and relish in the delights of chips and curry sauce. But as I don’t have restrictions on food, I often feel satisfied from allowing myself to dream and remember the smell, taste, and how it feels to eat one of my favourite food combinations.

What do you gain from imposing a restriction?

I can tell you what I gained:

  1. Wasted time.
  2. Frustration.
  3. Desires to eat forbidden foods.
  4. Endless day-dreams of Homer Simpson and I gorging on everything.

Restrictions are a barrier placed there by the mind, for the mind.

But who or what minds your mind? YOU!

These unseen, self-imposed rules and regulations can create heighten temptations. Which lead into over-eating and then guilt.

Why put yourself through that?

Either choose/find a healthier alternative or have it!

Alternatively, meditate! *This helps immensely when I’m craving a takeaway.



Learn to pronounce


  1. the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.

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