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Some mornings I wake up and begin my day by playing relaxing tunes – purely instrumental. I have a hot shower and pamper myself with a homemade body scrub (which is a mix of olive oil and brown sugar.)

Then I wrap myself in a warmed towel, enter my bedroom and pat myself dry.

I then select five crystals, lay on my bed and place the crystals on my body, starting from my navel up to my forehead. I close my eyes and listen to each note from the instrumental sounds, that help me to relax and unwind.

It’s not easy to meditate – to meditate is to focus one’s mind for a while, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.

I focus on clearing my thoughts, which is quite hard to accomplish as an avid over-thinker. I take one thought at a time, ‘and push them back for a period in time.’ I tell myself that it’s ‘okay’ to relax and enjoy this time to myself.

That it’s fine to leave my phone turned off/left on flight-mode for a moment. That it’s completely acceptable to do absolutely nothing and reap the benefits of time alone. Quiet time, me time.

My crystals help me to relax, as I trust the connections I have with them. They help me to relax and affirm that my life is present. I’m responsible for my own happiness and if clearing my thoughts for 20 minutes helps, then that is what I shall continue to do.

Why choose to meditate naked?

Because it is me in my rawest form, on display to our universe. No clothing, no lipstick, just the natural fragrance of olive oil. With natural crystals resting over my body. It makes me feel amazing!

I first tried meditation a few years ago, yoga offered a session right after the yoga class. I remember she asked us all to get into a comfortable position and picture a white pathway, that leads to the edge of the sea. The weather is warm, and the sky is clear…I remember waking up and feeling free! I had nothing weighing down my mind, I felt a sense of happiness – I had been sceptical about it, thinking it’s weird to do things like that. I thought staying behind for a session on meditation would be pointless.

I’m happy I stayed and experienced meditation!

From then I meditated infrequently, I’ll be honest, I sometimes went weeks without doing it, as I wanted to see if it really had any kind of impact on my life? I wanted to reaffirm that this feeling I’m feeling after meditation is real? It’s abundant in existence within my life?

Now I meditate a few times throughout the week, I trust myself to be able to relax and clear my thoughts. Meditating works for me.

Some of you may have tried meditation before and not felt anything from it. Everything isn’t for everyone. However, I believe that practising meditation a few times (and not just once) will allow you to reach an informed conclusion, as to whether this works for you.

Unique Fatso

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