Half Marathon

I’ve signed up to the Birmingham half marathon πŸ˜…

Believe this or not, I completed this last year. However, before and after the event I chowed down on junk food and had intervals of ‘healthy eating,’ completing 21 days of Veganuary. However, as per usual, just like the last 10+ years of living unhealthy, I reverted back to my comforting but detrimental ways of life.

The hidden bag of chicken & chips, extra portions of dinner, lunch and the cheese toasties for breakfast. And the repetitive notion, ‘I’ll start dieting tomorrow,’ playing in my mind. Ending with a positive smile, that tomorrow I’ll start afresh and mould my body into something spectacular.

My aim is to jog/run the whole race. 

I’ve opted for the improver trainer plan because the one below is for those walking…

Officially starting the plan Monday; but doing a healthy food shop today to get me started.


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