Breakfast Time and obvious signs. ‘Hurry, hurry!’ 

I remember many years ago, breakfast had to be; scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, 4 slices of toast and a big sploge of ketchup. 

One day I was happily devouring this ‘frequent’ meal down, when I experienced chest pains…sharp pains that forced me to stop eating and sit still for a moment in time. I subconsciously (and to avoid causing myself a state of alarm,) placed this down to eating too fast! 

I ignored my body, it was crying out for me to stop…but I couldn’t. This food made me feel happy – you know, intervals of happiness, almost like a natural high. My body and state of mind became medicated by the want to eat more. I felt lethargic and horrible after eating so much…then looking in the mirror afterward, I just used to convince myself that this is my life and I could never be slimmer.

You need to remember to listen to your body, it communicates with you daily!

I couldn’t bare eating in the kitchen, the added stares and commentary, after I’ve just prepared all this joy on a plate. I began taking my fried sensations, up to my bedroom with a large cup of sugary tea. And a side serving of a packet of biscuits. 

Many years ago, that was my life. That was breakfast time.
Today I do eat breakfast (almost every morning,) however gone are the fried varieties of food, gone is that ‘hurry hurry’ attitude to eat. I now take time preparing a healthy bowl of porridge  🤤

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