Periods & Cravings

Another weakness of mine, is during my period; I crave alsorts! Last month it was potatoes, today its sponge cake and custard.

Terrible I know – ‘I’m greedy!’

I’ve just eaten half sponge cake (with custard) and I know it’s not helpful to my health.

Do you ever struggle with cravings? Are you weak? I sometimes feel (and this sounds bizarre) I feel that through food, I find understanding. For a short period in time and then I think about how much ‘time’ have I put myself back by? 

How long will it take me to burn the half sponge cake (and custard) away? When will I eat healthy, consistently and remain confident in my choices? Why do I give in so easily and lead a life of greed and gluttony for the sake of ‘periods & cravings.’

I can and I will, succeed this weakness!

I can and I will, become a healthier version of myself!

I can and I will, exceed expectations.  

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5 thoughts on “Periods & Cravings

  1. strangely at work I’m fine I think because I take quite a bit of variety in to eat. my problem is home! I don’t buy anything bad in the shopping, but I’m ashamed to say I have sent the other out to get crisps 😀

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    1. Haha! Aww, bless them.

      I do carry bananas daily and a bottle of lemon water. However, during my period, it is hard to abstain from whatever I may be craving. Although, becoming a Vegetarian has helped a lot.

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      1. Well done for changing over to veggie :). I’ll be honest, i do enjoy my meat, but we are trying to incorporate meat free days into our routine 🙂 definitely going to try harder coming up to my period though 🙂


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