Fat Fridays: Goal Setting and General To-Do! 16.07.2021

Fat Fridays – 16.07.2021

Goal setting and trying to keep up with your general to-do!

It has been a couple of weeks since I started CBT online, and I’ve found it challenging to complete tasks from my to-do list.

I recognise that I’ve not posted much lately? This is due to readjusting my priorities and slowly building back aspects of my life that I’ve temporarily paused. This has enabled me to work through things at a pace that suits me.

Before CBT, I would pressure myself to complete EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING on my to-do list. Then, even with unimportant things, I would feel awful for not finishing them. I would berate myself for failing to meet my goals and then allow those thoughts to grow and dampen my mood for days on end.

Today, I’m learning to let some things go and trust myself enough to complete them when I’m ready. I’m learning to listen to how much my body can cope with and when it may be a good idea to take off and relax my mind.

It is extremely difficult to work and research full-time, I’m not thrilled about the thought of failing, and I think anyone would agree. Therefore, finding ways to manage my goals better is helping me to live a healthier life, which means less stress all around.

Please don’t punish yourself for not completing your goals. Instead, step back, reassess, recalibrate and start over! It is okay to do that, and it is best to put yourself first!


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