Fat Fridays: Pinch My Fat! 21.05.2021


I’m Unique Fatso!

I’m curvy; yes, I have curves. Some pinchable fat – it’s smooth in my hands.

Trust me, I’m warm in the winter, and well, I’m familiar with my shape, my size, my curves – the operative word being ‘MY.’

Hurt people wake up regularly, crawl the web regularly, troll those that don’t fit their vision of beauty and hurt them or at least try.

We all need to be a size 0 or something around a single digit in size. Well, I heard the ignorance, and I disengaged with all negative energy. I repeat, ‘my body is my body.’ I carry my weight and own my size.

When I run and my fat jiggles and wiggles around, it’s my fat, all mine.

Why do you concern yourself with the measurements of my body? It’s not as if you’re paying for the food I eat or motivating me to get up and work out. You’re not even leaving a kind word or two.

You seek to hurt people because you’re hurting.                

I’m aware of my flaws, obvious imperfections and novice awareness of many aspects surrounding health and nutrition. However, I’m learning about food and what my body needs, losing weight, and the fitness my body enjoys.

Here I am, pinching my fat! Because it’s mine, and I can do just that.

You’re not obligated to follow, comment, view or even subscribe.

My body is my body.

My curves are my curves.

My fat is my FAT.

Choose kindness always.

Live a healthy life.


Unique Fatso

Published by Unique

I don't write. I create. #EveryHeartbeatCounts

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