Food: Takeaway

I had envisioned that my health journey would be about me eating fruits and vegetables, drinking water and working out.

However, there will come a time where you are with friends or family and they want to order a takeaway! You can always make suggestions that they ‘cook their own food.’ Or simply remind them that you’re on a diet.

     However, the way of the world means that you can’t expect everyone to avoid certain foods because you are. We all have our own requirements to fulfil when it comes to diet and fitness.

I know that many people will advocate that you prohibit eating takeaway if you wish to lose weight and become fitter. Which is a great thought to have in an idealistic world. However, if you’re anything like most of your peers on this earth, you will

  • Either give it up completely, lose weight and then slowly go back into bad habits and regain most or all that weight back.
  • Give it up gradually.
  • Say you’ve given it up and then order and eat solo so that no one knows your greedy secrets.

Last night I visited family, as lockdown has eased slightly in the UK and they have created a scheme where you can connect with another household bubble.

     I connected with my bubble and the majority wanted to order takeaway. Now, I know many people online will preach and tell you, ‘don’t eat takeaway!’ I’m not here to advocate it.

     However, I know what it feels like to believe you can’t have it again – which means either walking with your meal or preparing something separately.

     I, however, checked the menu and selected something I felt was healthy-ish which in my world wasn’t fried, deep-fried, drowned in butter or smothered with cheese. Definitely, not an easy task when it comes to ordering takeaway with family.

I ordered from a Caribbean takeaway and my meal was constructed with side dishes. Lol! I laughed last night but it was pretty creative and tasty.

  • Rice and peas
  • Steamed Vegetables
  • Jerk sauce (which they have separate to any meat dishes and contains no animals)

I had called ahead to check that they don’t use dairy in anything. As many of you may already know, I gave up dairy last year (with the exception of eggs, when I bake.)

Our order arrived and we all enjoyed our meal together. It was wonderful seeing my family again and even better eating a healthy-ish takeaway.

Please note I’m not saying go out there and gorge on takeaway. I’m simply suggesting that every once in a while, you should enjoy a takeaway with family/friends. Try to stick to a few simple rules when deciding.

  • Most takeaways will add/remove items from your dish. For example, you don’t need to have cheese on your pizza, or you can ask for a different topping like mushrooms for instance.
  • Check the menu beforehand, if you can’t find healthy-ish options in there. Agree to order from somewhere else.
  • Don’t be greedy– we all know exactly when we are ordering too much. We all know what’s not good for us. So rather than having special fried rice, opt for fried rice with no egg and no extras. Also, pick the small portions.
  • Steamed veg is ALWAYS a winner in my mind.
  • When in doubt – DON’T EAT OUT

Finally, if you do succumb to ordering the wrong things. Don’t dwell over it or conjure up negative thoughts about yourself. You’re only human – even certain ‘Health Influencers’ have been caught out slipping.

Whenever I mess up, I allow myself 24hrs to vent, cry or mon about it. Then I move on. The world is still spinning whatever we’re doing, no point in wasting precious time beating ourselves down over a portion of takeaway.

Enjoy your life, eat healthily and when faced with challenges such as ordering takeaway – think smart and #choosehealth

Remember, you are the most important person in your life. If you’re not 100% you can’t expect the world around you to be either.

Remember you’re human! And it’s widely known that from time to time humans fuck up, and it’s okay.

     Learn from your mistakes, own them and move forward. You can’t progress if you remain tethered to moments in life that you regret.

Remember, you are the only version of you in existence! Which essentially means that you are unique. Never forget how amazing you are.


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