A Random Dish: Vegetarian Spring-rolls, Mashed Potatoes & Sesame Seeds

📸 by Unique Fatso

I know I very rarely post a meal along with, this is how to do it! Instructions. That’s because I make up meals as I go along. The only thing I read for instructions on, is baking.      A few days ago I went shopping with my mother and I bought a bag of potatoes. I hadn’t realised until I arrived home, that the bag was indeed 5kg in weight. (lol)

📸by Unique Fatso

So yesterday for lunch I was like? I really want vegetable spring-rolls, but I can’t make the potatoes go to waste. That’s when I came up with this dish. I’ve mashed the potatoes with a smidge of plant-based butter and Alpro soya milk!

Don’t get me wrong, I do own a few cookbooks and I do find inspiration from the amazing recipes I find inside. However, I feel we should all be confident enough to whip up our creations in the kitchen and feel proud that we did just that.

     After all, I’m no Nigella Lawson or Rachel Ama. But I am a woman that is on a journey of health and I like to cook in my kitchen. I feel more satisfied with the meals that I prepare myself.

I implore you all to make something amazing and share it with the world! Honestly, you don’t need fancy cameras or lights to showcase your meals – Simply take a photo and upload it. I do enjoy seeing beautiful meals on Instagram, but in my reality,  I don’t eat like that unless I’m dining out lol.

For now, have a wonderful weekend!


Unique Fatso

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