Lockdown: Snacks & Naps

Here in the UK, the policy on Social Distancing has been extended for a further three weeks.

This came as no surprise to me: No cure found, many people are still contracting Rona (COVID19.)

I’ve developed a few strange things; I now snack a lot! And nap a lot!

Since the UK began social-distancing, I made a promise to myself that I’m not going to sit around and do nothing. I’m going to be productive, and one of these promises was to get out and start running again, which I have been doing, for the past three weeks now.

However, with the increase in physical activities, brings an increase in napping. Then when I wake up, I feel ravenous! I keep day-dreaming about spicy wedges and pizza with a garlic salt crust. I want a HUGE bowl of chips, drowning in curry sauce with a sprinkling of cracked black pepper.

I visit my kitchen, and I find plant-based yoghurt, apple-juice, vegan cheese and everything healthy! So I eat it, then I cook and eat a delicious homemade plant-based meal. It cures the insatiable appetite but not the cravings.

I’m thankful that I only buy healthy options, with times like these I’m not gorging on crap and ruining my progress. I feel like I’m thriving in some respects – when it comes to healthy eating and working out.

Don’t get me wrong, and I’ve had one or two blue days, where I’ve stayed in my bedroom and had a sulk. I miss my family, friends and social freedoms.

However, I know that social-distancing is helping my fellow members of our earth and I.

Please stay home, stay safe, eat healthily and protect LIFE!

Unique Fatso

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