New Moon: 22.04.2020

New Moon

Tonight is the new moon, which marks the start of a lunar phase, which symbolises new beginnings!

Many people around the world use moon energy to set new goals and set reflect upon past ones.

After my morning run, I spent a lot of time reflecting over the choices I’ve made and things I should do to improve my life. This morning I repeated an action I’ve taken before, only this time I was sure it would be the last time that I did it.

I reflected upon all the things I wish to accomplish and complete going forward. I welcome this new moon, and I feel ready for new people to enter my life, new experiences to experience and most importantly creating a healthier life for me to prosper within.

I have incense burning. I’m relaxed in my bedroom and listening to the radio. I’m genuinely thankful for every heartbeat that pulses through my soul.

My health journey is about having a healthy mind too.

Take care.

Unique Fatso

Published by Unique

I don't write. I create. #EveryHeartbeatCounts

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