Fat Fridays: The User and the Provider – 29.04.2022

In my life exists some toxic people I never knew were toxic until I understood the types of toxicity that they have been injecting into my existence. For example, one person never calls me, and when I ring them, they complain that they’ve not heard from me for days! I’ll remind them they can contact me, and they will say, ‘but you’re always busy.’ The conversation then becomes time for them to moan and bitch about all their problems, which they don’t actively seek to do anything about.

     I struggle with this person because I love them dearly, and I want nothing more than for them to lead happier a happier life. But, other times, when I point out that they’re being negative, they get angry and end the call. Then go on to others to complain that I never make an effort to see them or keep in touch.

To resolve this, I reduced my contact with those who bring masses of negative energy into my life. It was not easy as you can imagine, they complained about that too. Making everything about them as if my world revolves around these people, and I exist to serve them and nothing more.

     I have struggled with sticking to this, as I often feel guilty about having time to myself – these people insert crazy notions that I’m not doing anything important. Yet, I have to listen to them complaining, etc.

There will be people who demand extra time and attention from you. But please remember that it is for you to decide if you wish to honour that? You do not owe anyone anything in this life, and you should put yourself first.

Our life is not promised, and we should not feel obligated to allow someone to control them. We must live our lives, be kind to others and embrace happiness.


Unique Fatso

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