Fat Fridays: Hair Down 17.09.2021

Fat Fridays – Hair Down 17.09.2021


In the past, I would avoid social events as much as possible. I mean, the thought of having to find something that will fit and hide my fat, was extremely challenging, especially for a woman trying to remain invisible. I would always wonder what would it be like? To attend such moments and how I would feel during and after?


I don’t say yes to every invitation I get, however, I do say yes! And I must say, it feels great. I’m learning to let my hair down and enjoy life with friends and family.

Some days are harder than the others, the main difference is that I’m trying. I won’t say it’s easy, especially when it often feels out of my comfort zone – the decision-making process is the hardest part.

I’m thankful for those that bestow positive energy across the areas of my life, where I lack confidence.

Going Forward

I hope to build upon my confidence and start to wear a range of outfits that celebrate my personality and make me feel beautiful. I’ve spent far too long living in the shadows and worrying about the opinions of others – I don’t even know these people.

Live a healthy life,


Unique Fatso

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