To Unwind – 18.09.2021

Recently I purchased the Vanilla Almond Frosting Yankee Candle from Tesco. I must say that the fragrance is delightful!

I found peace through listening to the sounds of the vacuum cleaner and the warm hum from the tumble-dryer. Then drifted into a sweet daydream, where the streets were made of sweet doughts and the rain was a light shower of chocolate sprinkles. Very similar to Homer Simpson when he skips along the streets and is filled with joy, the delectable aroma of sweet treats.

It is important to take mental breaks and find relaxation in different areas of your life.

I do find it challenging to find a moment of peace and relaxation – but who made that rule that to relax, the area must be quiet? The sounds of the vacuum blended with the dryer was the right amount of peace for me, today.

Gone are the days I’m wishing for 10 minutes of silence, so I can get into a comfortable position and meditate.

Live a healthy life


Unique Fatso

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