Fat Fridays – Remember that Feelings are Temporary! 27.08.2021

 Fat Fridays – Remember that Feelings are Temporary! 27.08.2021


Whenever I would experience emotional turmoil, I would brood on the feelings for days, weeks and sometimes even months at a time.

I didn’t care much about finding solutions to my problems or even trying anything to ease the pain. Instead, I would eat junk food and feel shit about my life.


When things go bad, I allow myself 24hours to process it and release it. I can’t carry it around with me and when you think about things and your focus is on those thoughts – they become reality! Today, I meditate and try to understand why I feel how I feel.

I also confide in trusted friends and speak to my CBT therapist about key areas in my life and how that may affect my OCD.


Keep reminding myself that all feelings are temporary and pleasure does not flourish without pain.

Live a healthy life,


Unique Fatso

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