Fat Fridays! Heatwave – 23.07.2021

Fat Fridays  23.07.2021


This week has been challenging; first, this heat was requested by the many people who reside in the UK. Then I struggled to wear summer clothing. Finally, I opted for black leggings with a summer dress.

It is easy for people to specify what they think I should wear and drown me with their opinions. However, that will not change how I feel about my body, in particular showing my legs.

I’m insecure about various parts of my body, and while I’m trying to improve my health and fitness and build up my body confidence. I don’t need or want commentary from the masses.

Due to the oven-baked temperatures, I’ve not felt as hungry this week, and this has meant that I have not eaten as much as I would usually do during the week. Instead, I have enjoyed devouring ice-cold water, smoothies and even a bit of ice cream.

Also, for the first time in years, I purchased sunscreen! Although my legs are covered, my arms have been on show, and I made a good choice with protecting my skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

I recognise that I’m waffling now; this is due to feeling tired from the warm nights, which is my cue to get some sleep now.

Tonight feels much cooler, so I will get a better nights rest!

Live a plant-based life.


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