Reflection: End of January 2021

Why is it important to reflect?
It’s important to reflect because it allows us the chance to pause and assess how things are going and if we’ve accomplished our goals.
Reflection helps us to work through areas in our lives that we feel are stagnant or personal trauma that may have been holding us back.

January 2021 for Unique Fatso
I had a pleasant start, as my NYE was spent with family, reflecting, and vocalising my gratitude for everything I’m thankful for.
January 2021 has been a massive contrast to January 2020 – which I entered depressed, due to a failed relationship and other personal challenges. I started 2020 on a low.
It wasn’t until mid-2020, where I started to reflect on what’s causing me pain, why I feel like my life isn’t moving forward and what I can do to heal and progress.

Once I began reflective writing, my life started to improve, and I began to feel happiness in my life! It had been a long time since I had genuinely smiled.
What I discovered was:

  1. I had been holding onto 2019 traumas. I think mainly because I had hope that things would improve. I see the good in many people and I try to do the best I can, to ensure that they’re happy. In June 2020, I learnt that I’m not responsible for the happiness of others.
  2. I never stopped and took time out to celebrate my accomplishments to date. I was forever talking down about myself and ignoring how far I’ve come.
  3. I Ignored the messages our universe kept putting out for me to see and understand. Be myself, listen to my voice and know that my words have meaning, and my life has a purpose.

From that moment on, I started to reflect more – not always in the form of writing. It was hard at some points. Even recollecting the whole experience now, makes me feel vulnerable. I can tell you for sure, that this process is not an easy one. I’ve cried several times, as reality pierced through my heart and embedded itself to my soul.

So how has January 2021 been?
It has been phenomenal!
Extremely challenging but phenomenal all the same. I’m posting more here and I’m feeling more relaxed about opening-up to you all and sharing my weight loss journey to date.
My confidence is growing with the plant-based recipes that I infrequently try out. And I’m building my experience with creating videos, that aim to support others on their weight loss journey. (I’m a complete novice with all these elements of social media and being present online.)
My apologies!
January 2021 was positive and highly insightful.
I’ve grown.
I’m growing.
There are no ceilings above me.

Live a healthy life.
Unique Fatso

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