Fat Fridays: Your Body is Beautiful

Fat Friday – Your Body is Beautiful



I know you have looked at your body in the mirror many times and felt disgusted at your reflection. How you’ve cried yourself to sleep, wishing that you could be thinner and wear whatever you want.

I’ve seen your past and the bullies that haunt your nightmares and cause you so much emotional pain. I get you; I once was the same.

Before I would try to lose weight but then someone would say something nasty to me and I would regress into a worse state of emotional eating. Food was the cause of my pain but also my pleasure. I grew bigger, chunkier and surely fatter! My image depicted that of one like the Fatso my Grandmother always saw when she looked at me.

Back then I never knew that there were other people out there, who shared the same struggles. I know it sounds crazy but I believed I was alone in this world, the only girl trying to lose weight.

In some respects, I was the only person:

  • Wearing black at family parties.
  • Wearing jeans that chaffed between my fat thighs.
  • Never had a boyfriend because I had no confidence in myself. I had never felt worthy of anything.

I was the only person in my circles that went through such a horrible experience.


You’ve started making positive steps to adopt a more positive mindset.

You look at your reflection and admire how beautiful your eyes are, how supple your skin feels and how much joy your smile brings to you.

I agree, taking weight-loss one day at a time is better than doing nothing and expecting everything.

Know that one day you’ll reach your goal weight.

Know that you are wonderful.

Know that your body is beautiful.

Your body is beautiful!

You are beautiful.

Live your best life, my friend, there is no one in our universe quite like you.


Unique Fatso

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