Dating a Meat Eater

A couple of months ago I began dating a meat-eater…

I have told myself for the best part of a year, that I would only date someone who was plant-based. As I’ve given up meat, so it’s only right that the person I date doesn’t eat animals during mealtimes.

During many of our conversations, I was very clear with pointing out that I’ve given up meat and won’t consider it ever again. He was cool with this and asked, ‘do you mind that I eat meat?’ and before I answered he added, ‘would be a shame to discontinue our dates when you used to eat meat and I may change.’

I thought about that point for a split second and agreed, he seemed like a lovely man and I would be wrong if I backed off because of a diet I once followed a year before.


I enjoyed spending time with him, his personality is beautiful! His mind is the encapsulation of a SUPER-GEEK.

Pros of Dating

Well, companionship etc, etc. You know.

Cons of Dating an Animal Eater

  • They load their plates with animal corpses and vegetables.
  • Animal contamination on their lips, in their mouths, inside their bodily fluids.
  • They contribute to the destruction of our Earth – as big corporations make space for more agriculture to feed those that eat animals.
  • They live by feeding off death.

How Do I Feel Dating One?

I have moments where I feel odd.

We’re eating and he has some lost life on his plate. I watch him eating and enjoying his meal and I remember feeling the same as a meat-eater but even better with my plant-based meals. I wonder if deep down I’m a hypocrite? Does dating a meat-eater mean that I condone barbaric food choices? Maybe, I’m partway delusional and blinded by the fact that he’s amazing?

Could it be that because his choice of food isn’t entering my stomach, so I’m not actively approving of his way of life? Or maybe, I subconsciously feel like I’m absolved from feeling any type of way because I’m dating someone who claims he can cook a delicious tofu-stir-fry?

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to date anyone who eats meat, as most of us were/are meat-eaters. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be considered when getting to know someone romantically.

However, I do invite you to take this as an opportunity to educate them on plant-based eating. Also, understand that it can sometimes take a while to recognise that switching is best all-round – it took me several years to accept that fact.

Also, why I don’t agree with people who eat meat in their diets, I’m not going to meat-shame them about their choices. I think it is perfectly fine to highlight that you don’t like meat-consumption etc. But I don’t think it’s healthy to finger-point and call out people for their choices. I believe that when you come across forceful, it creates a narrative that depicts plant-based enthusiasts as militant on a quest to convert the world.

Again, if you want to shout from the rooftops or make a video about why eating meat is wrong, then I implore you to do that. However, mocking people for the choices they were (most likely) taught as children, isn’t fair. And it highly unproductive.

Yes, I’m pro-plant-based and I’m dating a meat-eater – my internal thought processes belong to me. If at any point I reach a spot and I’m feeling uncomfortable, I’ll act then. And yes, I’m aware that the odd feelings I have when I watch him eat meat, some would point out, ‘that’s you feeling uncomfortable!’  I must interject and say, no one is perfect in this life and we could go back and forth on the animal-based products I would find in your home. Even some plasters are made using animals.

Dating a meat-eater is like dating any other person, it’s the period in which you spend time getting to know one another. It’s an opportunity to learn and grow more as an individual.

Are you currently dating/partnered with someone who has different food preferences?

Feel free to discuss below in the comments.


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6 thoughts on “Dating a Meat Eater

  1. It’s a tricky situation. I have dated a meat-eater before, but it was brief. I’m not sure I could now, unless I thought there was potential for change, but even then, I’m not sure. I don’t know, tricky…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s difficult. I guess it’s just a case of see how it progresses and how you feel as it moves forward. Nowadays, I have difficulty finding someone I like enough to commit to a relationship, so it would be a shame to let something good go without giving it a proper try. Fingers crossed for you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It is difficult. And I concur with you, it’s hard to find someone that’s good enough to commit to.

        He’s amazing in many way, but I guess I see the not so wonderful aspects magnified sometimes.

        At this point I’m not sure about our future prospects 🤔 xx

        Liked by 1 person

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