Workout Planner

How are you doing?

I’m currently being phased back into work and I’m finding the whole experience quite strange. After all, I’ve become accustomed to waking up and lounging around, logging on for 0900 completely whatever work is there.

Once I’ve logged off, I have a nap.

Wake up.

Eat lunch.


Nothing exciting.

I’ve been trying to ensure that I complete some form of exercise at least 5 days per week. Although, I’ve found (lately) that I’ve felt exhausted when returning from the office. I guess, I’m going through that period of adjustment and it will take a while to get back into a longer workout session each day.

However, I promised myself to workout at least 20 minutes per day! And to support my goals, I’ve developed a poster that now sits on my fridge. If you feel you may benefit from my 20-minute workout planner, please feel free to download.

It simply serves as a daily reminder, which is great as I’m trying to limit my usage of my smart devices. Often, I feel mentally drained from the amount of information that is available at a finger swipe. I feel great having taken some time away from social media – even better for sitting back and writing more. I’m currently laying in bed thinking about all the aspects of life I wish to write about.

I sometimes find it hard to contextualise my ideas into words or practice. However, I will always try.

I appreciate the e-mails I’ve received from some of you, they’re very heart-warming and forever valued.

I digress.

Hope you find my posts useful.


Unique Fatso

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