Dating and Dieting

Recently I jumped into the dating pool and started swimming again.

It has been an interesting experience so far. The general, deciding where to eat together, where to explore and most importantly, staying safe from COVID-19.

However, I’ve struggled with the first part of this new experience. Which is something I never thought I would? As many of you know, my diet is plant-based! I’m not a fan of labelling, so while I wouldn’t class myself as Vegan – I’m wholeheartedly supportive of cruelty-free consumption.

Nevertheless, I’ve been feeling as though my diet has become sluggish and brings me down. Why? Well, I try not to come across as super-fussy when dining out. I’m aware that I shouldn’t feel this way, but I fear my date being put off by my constant river of questions whenever he books somewhere to eat. In England, bookings are now mandatory for bars, restaurants and pubs – due to the COVID-19 safety measures in place.

I ask:

  • Could you share the link to the menu, please?
  • Do you think they will prepare it without?
  • I’m not feeling any of the plant-based options they have. Could we find somewhere else, please?

Ah! I forgot to add one important aspect of my dating life. I’m currently dating a meat-eater! (that is a whole other blog post.) So, while he appears to show interest in my dietary requirements, I don’t think he takes it seriously.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling sluggish lately about the food I’ve been consuming. I mean I love chips and wholemeal pasta. But I find myself selecting chips or a white pasta dish. Just not wishing to come across pernickety every time we go out to eat.

The increased consumption of poor choices is taking its toll on me. I’ve not felt motivated to write much on my blog, as all I’ve been eating is pasta!

Today, my date rescheduled and him doing that caused me to have a deep moment of reflection. How is this sustainable? And why am I negotiating my plant-based requirements, for the sake of keeping a date ‘happy?’ I say happy because I don’t want to seem over-zealous! Although, in theory, that’s exactly what I need to be doing.

Why compromise my life choices?

Dating and dieting is hard at the best of times, dating someone who does not share your thoughts on food is one of the greatest challenges I’ve faced since switching to plant-based eating. **Is it lust that creates an illusion when I’m with him?

The increase of chips and pasta in my diet brings on an increase of 5lbs in weight. I know, many will say, why not just visit places that suit my needs and have more variety to choose from? However, with COVID-19 restrictions, its not always easy to book places I’m comfortable dining in. And in the early stages of dating, I don’t want this to become the focal point of our dates.

Nonetheless, I’m thankful I’ve taken a step back and processed a lot of thoughts around dating and dieting. I’m grateful I have a place to share those thoughts and going forward, I shall try harder to encompass the fact that it’s perfectly fine, to be fussy with dining out.

Any advice on what I may wish to consider?


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