The Power of 3

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Growing up I always heard conversations surrounding the definition of a proper meal, meat and two vegetables. I grew up believing that meat and two veg on your plate, equated to the best meal for all!

When in actuality, it wasn’t for me.

Through conversations I’ve had with others about diet and healthy eating, I discovered (within my circles) many people believe that to have a decent plant-based meal, you need a variety of vegetables and a meat alternative.

Why though? Is how I would reply. These days that is. Remember, I was once an avid meat-eater. So I do understand the thought process that often consists of: how can you survive without eating meat, etc.

For me, I find that 3 vegetables are more than sufficient to make a healthy plant-based meal.

You can survive without consuming animal flesh, I know it may seem uncomfortable to read that sentence, but with all due respect – that is what meat-eaters do, they eat the corpses of animals.

     You don’t need a basket of vegetables to create a tasty, healthy and plant-based dish. All you need is 3 vegetables and the mindset to let yourself flourish as a home cook. I mean, I’m no Michelin star chef, but I still cook and enjoy most of my meals. I say most as some of my meals are vile. But that does not stop me from trying again.

Random groups of 3 vegetables:

  • Potatoes, onions and carrots.
  • Pumpkin, potatoes and broccoli.
  • Peppers, onions and carrots.
  • Potatoes, spinach and beetroot.

I’m not saying you should only stick to 3 vegetables when cooking, I’m simply highlighting that you don’t need meat and equally, you don’t need a whole pot of vegetables to enjoy eating plant-based.

What are the random dishes that you have created with vegetables?

Do you enjoy cooking?

Where are you on your weight loss journey?

Feel free to comment below and remember that only you can improve your health.


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