Night Routine

Last night I realised I’ve created a night routine that works for me.

Before, I used to eat late and wonder why I couldn’t sleep later on. I would toss and turn, then text and view – a plethora of nonsensical things available online. Imagine, I would lay in bed feeling exhausted but unable to sleep. How I longed for sleep back then.


  • Turn my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb.’
  • I have a hot-steamy shower.
  • I massage olive-oil into my skin.
  • I light an incense stick (blueberry is my favourite scent at this present moment.)
  • Play Owl by HM Surf *I’m loving lofi/ambient tunes
  • Slip into my Harry potter tee and drift into a deep sleep.

I wake up feeling amazing.

Which has me in a positive mood and feeling well-rested.

Do you have a routine?


Unique Fatso

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