Friday – Weigh Day

Friday – Weigh Day

For many of you around the world, Friday is the day you weigh yourself to check if you’ve lost any weight? I don’t agree with this day! I find that by weighing yourself on the cusp of the weekend and finding out that you’ve either gained or not lost any weight; you may turn to what society has labelled ‘Cheat Day.’

Which is a day where you give in to temptations by eating everything you want. But you are cheating on yourself. You are adding extra pounds to lose, extra sugar to sweeten your insides, extra salt to dehydrate your weigh. CHEAT as you wish.

If you find that you have gained weight, don’t dwell on it. Start again now and learn from your past mistakes. (No one is perfect, we can all learn self-discipline.)

Friday, the end of the week. The day I return home, and I sleep for longer than usual. Another day to reflect upon my journey and take comfort in knowing that I didn’t cheat this week. I ate in moderation and I took extra steps. I meditated, I relaxed, I ate houmous and I pushed through the discomfort of menstruation and completed my week.

I’m happy right now.

I never gave up.

I pushed through.

I’m here with you. Becoming a healthier version of myself.

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