Takeaway. Take it all away from me…

Today I’m experiencing one of those days, where I feel everything is going wrong.

Started off with good intentions:

  1. Wake up early.
  2. Go jogging
  3. Eat Greek yogurt.
  4. Read Gun Machine .
  5. Pack glassware.
  6. Buy cleaning items for new home.

But it just didn’t go to plan…I woke up hot and feeing lethargic. Had a mini spat with mother and that bought my whole day down.

Was so annoyed hours later, that I ordered Chinese takeaway:

  • Chilli and salted chips
  • Sweet & sour chicken – Cantonese style
  • King prawn fried rice – no egg

It took me around 34 minutes to finish, leaving half of prawn and a spoonful of rice.

Washing it all down with a litre of bottled water, (to add the healthy essence to my greediness.)

It’s amazing though isn’t it? How anything in our daily lives can throw us of course…I had good intentions this morning. Now, I browse before/after images on Instagram of those that are sticking to plan or completed it.

Yet here I lay, stomach now full of delights that made me happy for 34 minutes. Or at least caused a great sense of distraction.

I think about all those people that have told me, you’ll never lose weight! And I take that away with me, wherever I go throughout life.

So here I am, being accountable for my actions: I was upset, temporarily fixing myself with a takeaway to fakeaway my feelings about my intentions.

I can stick to plan, I will overcome these challenges!

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