Fat Fridays: No Time to Work Out? But I’ve just Finished a Netflix Season! – 13.05.2022

I would love to start classes at the gym, but I don’t have any time!

Most nights, I turn on the TV, select Netflix and get comfortable on the sofa with a snack, usually plantain chips. Once I’ve finished a series, I crawl into bed during the early hours of the morning and feel a mixture of emotions. On the one hand, I’ve caught up a little with the Netflix series I’m enjoying. But, on the other hand, I sigh at the hours now lost and the little sleep I need to stay mentally alert. Then I repeat the same thing across the week until Wednesday when I weigh myself and see that I have gained weight and wonder why?

     But then I waste hours on Netflix and no time on the actions I need to take in order to lose weight and become a healthier version of myself.

During conversations with others, it appears that the above is a shared experience within our society. Why visit the gym when you can chill at home? Relax at home and have some downtime after a hard day outside?

The moral of the story is that watching Netflix is okay in moderation. However, spending the whole day binging on seasons isn’t healthy, from my experience. Instead, at least 30 minutes could be invested in fitness and understanding which foods work best for your body.

I’m not saying that you’ll change your mind overnight, but you should analyse your time and see how you can best use it to ensure that you benefit from improving your health and downtime for your mind.

We only die once, so try your best to become the healthiest version of yourself.


Unique Fatso

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