Fat Fridays: Consuming for Celebration? 22.04.2022

Fat Fridays: Consuming for Celebration? 22.04.2022

Every year society celebrates with chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and chocolate shapes of all kinds of flavours. We spend a fortune on chocolate, which makes no sense for the period in question! It is another bank holiday where we overindulge in food and show our love by buying chocolate for family and friends.

For a moment in time, most of us forget that:

  • People who source cocoa beans barely earn enough to look after their families.
  • The foil that is used to wrap the eggs can’t be recycled.
  • The cow’s milk that is used predominantly is milk stolen from baby cows. It is all sad and depressing how we use and abuse animals for food consumption.
  • The money spent on chocolate eggs can be of better use elsewhere. **Though I’m not here to tell you how to use your money, I’m here to show you the way to a healthier life.

Increasing food consumption for celebrations is an act that the human race has praticed for years! But is this best practice when we live in a world where children die of hunger? Or when in our city centres you find people sleeping in entrances to our favourite places to dine? Is it right to buy so much chocolate?

Maybe we can learn to celebrate with a group meditation session? Or have we all now become accustomed to eating?

I hope one day we discover new ways to celebrate, and maybe when everyone has a decent amount of food to live on, we can celebrate with fruits and vegetables from our earth.

Live a healthy life,


Unique Fatso

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