Fat Fridays: The Evolution of Unique – 18.06.2021

Fat Fridays – 18.06.2021

The Evolution of Unique

From time to time, I reflect upon where I am at this moment in my life. Since I started my journey in 2019, I have evolved a lot in this space of time. It all started with my decision to stop eating animal meat.

Today, I find myself spending more time selecting fresh fruits, vegetables and pulses. As opposed to the long durations I used to spend trying to match a deal on beef burgers, pizzas and fish fingers. Those rotten Mix n Match deals roping me in to spend endless pounds on pieces of a life that once had eyes and blinked.

The evolution of Unique did not stop there, and I’m consistently reading, learning more and implementing some choices into my daily living. I’m proud of my growth on my journey and from deep within my soul. Five years ago, I would never have thought that I could live without consuming meat. Today, I devour roasted chickpeas and sing to the society I reside in about how excellent avocados are for women during menstruation. I’ll be the first to highlight that I’m no expert in this way of life. However, I can confidently convey that adopting a plant-based life is one of the most rewarding actions a person can take.

I trust the signs from my body, how my skin glows naturally and how amazing I feel more often than not – since making healthier changes.

It is imperative that we all look back to see the change, remember the reasons and step forward positively, knowing that your stride is in the direction most aligned to a healthier life.


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