Weekend Workout – 06.03.2021

📸 Unique Fatso
📸 Unique Fatso


I woke up this morning and went for a power-walk/light jog. It took me a few hours to peel myself up out of bed and push myself to get out of my front door.

I’ve been feeling quite anxious lately, this is mainly due to the ongoing global pandemic and the national lockdown. It makes me anxious because it feels neverending.

I hadn’t fulfilled my fitness goals this week and felt I had to get up and get out.

I had all kinds of negative thoughts turning up and speaking loudly.

You can’t do this.

Start another day.

Start next week?

Treat yourself to a takeaway!

People will stare at you!

That led to it taking me a few hours to build up the confidence to get out.

However, I DID! Yaaaaaaaaaaas!

It was fabulous.

The only negative was that I felt a bit faint when I got half-way through my walk.

I’m proud I went and completed a workout this weekend.

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