You’ve Gained Weight!

You stepped on the scales this week and seen the increase in your weight.

This could be due to various factors, such as menstruation (for females,) or an emotional event. When I’ve experienced something that has caused me a great deal of emotion, I’ve turned to food and not just any food – I’ve gorged on junk food, as a way to find comfort and alleviate any emotional pain that I may be feeling at that particular time.

Just as I was, you may also be aware of what you’re doing. But you do it anyway for the temporary relief.

You feel awful about it.

You feel that you’ve now wasted all this time losing weight, only to gain weight now. It’s now fair on you, you’ve invested so much time and energy and can’t understand where this weight gain has come from.

You turn to food.

In the past, you’ve turned to food, so you think, ‘why not?’

You feel because you’ve gained weight, you may as well eat some junk food.

It’s not just any food it’s junk food.

Don’t do it!

You’ve already come so far on your health journey. You’ve made so many positive changes and you see and feel the benefits that your efforts have transformed into.

No one is perfect!

Even people that have dedicated Chefs, Personal-Trainers and Motivational Coaches, slip up at some point during their journey.

You should be proud that you’re doing this without expensive assistance. I mean, in an ideal world, I would like that myself. However, it’s not something that I’m able to afford. However, you must remember that you’re human and no one is perfect!

Continue to eat healthily.

  • Acknowledge it.
  • Accept it.
  • Move forward.

Continue your healthy eating and don’t dwell over weight-gain. Like I mentioned before, weight gain could be down to several factors.

Going Forward

I recommend keeping a health journal, this way you can review the period between your weight-gain and your previous lower weight. It may help to identify what may have led to you gaining weight or at least provide you with some clarity around the scales displaying a weight higher than you expected.

When you’re feeling low due to weight gain, don’t turn to junk food, alcohol or drugs. Eat something healthy, drink some lemon water and continue.

Remember you’ve already come this far.

I believe in you.


Unique Fatso

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