Bruised Fruit

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Life online shows only one-side, which is perfect images of perfect-looking food. But the reality for many of us is that we often have bruised or misshapen fruits and vegetables.

     It is nice to see pretty pictures and click like from time to time, but my life doesn’t have that image each day. And I do find that online, there’s this huge glow of ‘everything is perfect! Look at my perfect food, perfect body, perfect life.’ And it’s unsettling, as it sends a message out to the youths in our society that if you want to be liked, then you much be perfect!

In the past, people spoke about how they felt about the models in magazines. Today, we comment, ‘she’s so pretty!’ and ‘I wish I had your body!’ and other things of that nature.

What is wrong with bruised fruit?

Now, my post isn’t shaming nice images of food – it’s simply asking for us to acknowledge that there’s nothing wrong with eating a bruised banana. Don’t we use ripened bananas to make banana bread?

I post images of real food – What my food looks like before/after preparation.

I want you all to be confident in the healthy foods that you prepare to maintain a healthy diet. Don’t feel the need to be perfect whatever that may mean. If you have social media platforms, don’t feel like you can’t share your food images because they don’t look like those accounts you follow.

You are the only version of you in existence!

Be yourself, don’t worry about anyone else.

You are the most important person in your life.

Currently, I have 9 slightly bruised bananas left. And although I will eat most in their current state, I’m going to try banana pancakes & surely, classic banana loaf!


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