The Corset

Many years ago, back in the days where I had family members calling me Fatso! I had read an article in a magazine, it spoke about a woman with a tiny waist – She credited her svelte figure to her consistent use of corsets.

‘Corsets!’ I shouted out within the company of a bowl of cold cornflakes. I went to sleep that night, dreaming about my new slim figure, produced by a simple corset.

I visited the city centre and looked around until I found a shop that sold corsets, eureka!

I went in and asked the Store Manager (it was a small boutique store) for help and I remember saying, ‘Could you show me your corsets please, as I want to get a slimmer waist!’ She looked me up and down and said, ‘a corset can’t help you!’

I informed her about the magazine article I had read and she responded, ‘a corset can’t help you.’ I then said I’ll come back another time and left the store.

The above came about after reading an article in a magazine that heavily suggested, you can get a slim waist by using a corset. People create things without care toward, ‘the aftermath of their input.’ I’m sure I wasn’t the only person that read the article in that manner. When you’re young and out of shape a ‘fatso,’ you look into anything that can help you feel accepted again in society. I struggled to eat healthily, my portions were beyond gigantic! All I needed was to read a positive piece about nutrition and exercise. But all I found were pieces that told me I could lose weight fast! I could be a model and eat burgers and I won’t be fat.

I even read blogs that advised to eat bread and drink water etc. I tried many things. All of which were wrong and harmful to my success. I wish there was more awareness of social-responsibility back then, especially when it comes to the influence people have on teenagers/children. I went through most of my life not feeling good enough because I looked nothing like the girls in the magazines. And those around me highlighted how my body isn’t what it should be – ‘You should be slimmer.’ My mindset was weak and so I ate more food, convincing myself that the taste makes me happy.

I hope that everyone who visits my blog for whatever reason takes away something positive and meaningful.

I’m in my own lane on my health journey – it’s one that will last until the end of my days.

Unique Fatso

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