Missing Out? Really?

📸: Photo by Unique Fatso

Missing Out? Really?

Them: ‘Unique, I really don’t understand how you can survive without eating meat!’

Unique: ‘Well, I’ve been plant-based for a few months now. Can you still see me?’

Them: ‘I personally couldn’t live without meat! You’re brave!’

Unique: ‘I think you’re brave to continuously eat from a life that once had a heartbeat.’

Since giving up eating meat, I’ve found and enjoyed many plant-based alternatives. I’ll continue to do so for the rest of my life.

     I wish people wouldn’t act like eating plant-based is criminal. I mean, what is so bad about eating fruits and veg? I’m not participating in the murders of animals, for the benefit of a plate loaded with their roasted corpses.

     I’m simply choosing health! Not only for me but for the future of our Mother Earth. I want to know that when my brain realised that consuming meat was wrong, I did the right thing and went meat-free.

I’m not here to criticise meat-eaters, as I was once one myself. I’m here to make you aware that life without meat is far greater than life with a now silent heartbeat.

I hope that one day everyone will be meat-free!

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