Gym Membership: Subscribe to a New Body

Years ago, I joined Virgin Active, after being mocked and teased about my body. I signed up to a membership that was priced around £45 pcm. I figured that if I attend at least three times a week £45/ 4 / 3 =£3.75 per session! And I compared that to a box of fried chicken and chips, which came at the cost of £3.60

I joined this fantastic gym, with fit members of staff and state of the art facilities, including but not limited to – a swimming pool! Classes were included in the membership, and every time you attend, you see staff they smile at you.

Disclaimer, your £45 pcm membership subscription to a state of the art gym, x by (let us guess) many, many members, equals a lot of profit.

Needless to say, I went initially for like a week or two, and that dwindled to once every other week. Eventually, I never attended at all…I wanted to leave, but I was tied into a 12-month contract.

Fast forward a few years, I joined Pure Gym and paid £15.99 pcm /4 /3 = £1.33 per session. I repeated the above, and although I had no contractual ties, I let my direct debit roll over and over, as I figured it’s less money and I kept on telling myself that eventually, I will visit the gym more. I never did…

Fast-forward: It has taken me many, many years to realise and accept that you have to honestly want to workout, for you to get that new body you desire. No amount of money you pay towards a gym membership is going to help you. Not even the state of the art facilities will support you – Not unless you are self-motivated and are ready to PUT IN THE WORK.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for one second, implying that gym memberships are a terrible thing. They introduce you to new people, and you learn new things to enhance your own lifestyle. However, if you aren’t motivated to attend, you’ll waste your money just as I once did. And as many people still do, to this day. TO THIS DAY.

My opinion: Eat more fruits and vegetables, cut down on meat and start off with something you’ll enjoy, like Zumba or running. And if/when you sign up to a gym, I implore you to get your worth in money and commit to attending. #UniqueFatso

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