Got Milk?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always suffered from acne. More so during menstruation but generally throughout non-menstrual days. Big bumpy, unsightly spots!

My daily breakfast (previously) consisted of a 40g bowl of porridge with a cup of milk!

Throughout the day, I enjoyed drinking hot-chocolate, with a mountain of whipped cream…Mmm

Acne was covering my face and the odd times my neck and upper back. I kept on (wrongfully) popping them. Buying a variety of cleansers and face washes to help me make them vanish. Nothing helped ☹

I changed from standard semi-skimmed to Cravendale semi-skimmed, I had this warped idea that it’s better for me?

I read an article this year, about how the consumption of cow’s milk, is morally wrong. It went on to explain why Cow’s milk is for baby cows. Then it touched on the effects it has on people who consume it. One of which was acne!

So for around 2-3 weeks, I eliminated milk (not dairy) just milk! And indeed, I saw a positive improvement. My skin was clearer and most time spotless!

I must admit, to this very day:

  • I no longer have cereal
  • I no longer purchase cow’s milk! (I went from buying four pints a week, down to zero)


I struggle with other dairy products such as cheese! But I have switched my butter to olive oil spread. I have purchased Soya milk but the taste isn’t as nice? However, I’m continuing to make changes in my diet to better my health.

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