Fat Fridays: Therapy, Therapy, Therapy! – 17.06.2022

Fat Fridays: Therapy, Therapy, Therapy! – 17.06.2022

I’ve had another session with my new Therapist, and at the end, he asked me, how do I feel? And honestly? I was filled with relief. Finally, I opened up to someone and shared my past, present and potential future fears and jubilations.

                I have never done that before with anyone; moments where I have confided in another person, consist of sharing maybe 2%, and even then, it is never an easy moment. Those people often make assumptions and bombard me with ridiculous notions and sentences they call advice. Followed up with a measly text message; hey Unique, could you help me with this? Then there, we go back to before – as if I’ve not just shared my struggles around my mental health.

Therapy! I once was sceptical and feared trying this, as I temporarily assumed it would never work. I thought spending time talking about my issues was a pointless exercise, and I’ll be the same way as before I started. But, little did I know that a constructed/free-flowing conversation was what I needed to begin the healing process.

                Since having a few sessions, I can confidently say that having therapy is GREAT! Not only because he helps with healing your mind, but because it assists you with climbing out of this rut. I hadn’t trusted this process before; I have faith now.

Are you experiencing challenges with your mental health? I implore you to speak to a Therapist; you may find it a good action to take. For now, I’ll be posting online as and when I feel up to it, and I’ll try my best to not put pressure on myself to complete it. The aim is to back up things I need to do and leisurely tasks as per schedule.

Please, don’t discount this option – try it! IF it works, then it works. If it doesn’t, then at least you have tried it.

Put yourself first! Mental health matters!

You matter.


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