Fat Fridays: Who Really Cares About You? 20.05.2022

During my absence from work, I received several messages here and there. Some I received as people seeking a current topic to pass the time and ponder over a cup of tea or cigarette break. I mean, that is juicier than someone being on sick leave?

Why is it that people feel the need to insert themselves into matters that don’t concern them? Are they truly concerned? Or is it the dark need to know everything about a person, including sexual preferences and the most recent update on Facebook?

I mean, give me a break!

I find it deeply irritating that some people act as if they care, but essentially they’re looking for a quick fix to boost ago and the chance to feel superior to the one returning.

When walking through the entrance, your heart may pound a few beats faster than usual, and you may feel slightly nauseous. It’s okay to feel this way, and those before/after you will probably feel the same. I know it is easy to sit here and write this to you, but trust me, I’m going through it.

The one person I thought I would hear from texted twice, and even after I replied, ‘I’m not okay.’ They paid no attention to that factor, and that was the last I received anything from them. Maybe they were concerned with gossip and nothing more – I guess it’ll be something I’ll never completely know for sure. Perhaps this post is a random ramble of existing insecurities? Or it could be a moment to review my friendships and retract the effort in some and give more to others?

Maybe this is a pity party, and now I need a nap.


Unique Fatso

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