Fat Fridays: Off the Mark 28.05.2021

This week has been challenging, though it started well.

History came zapping through my phone and pinging on WhatsApp with a ‘Hey, Unique…’ the innocence of the opening-line opened up that tiny door in my heart. Then blasted through with a missile, forcing my eyes to focus on reality.

In short? There is no short. Shit happened back then, and what I thought was happening, I was told it wasn’t. This week I receive confirmation that what I thought it was,  at the time, it was!

This event impacted my mental health adversely. I mean, someone gaslighting me and only now returning to put out the fire? After it has burnt through my core and promoted negative feelings about my entire existence.

This week I turned to chocolate biscuits, chips and curry sauce and extra chips.

I cannot explain why? I knew it was wrong but, I did it anyway.

Upon reflection, I should have talked it through with a trusted friend or wrote about it in my journal. My point is, it is normal to feel down from time to time; the critical thing is to make your next step positive.

Step in the name of respect for yourself and remember that emotional eating is detrimental to your health journey. Don’t allow negative people to pull up at your table.


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I don't write. I create. #EveryHeartbeatCounts

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