Rewards of Eating Right!

In my previous post, I spoke briefly about becoming ill due to not eating properly and allowing my anxiety (shopping during the pandemic) to take over my life.

Today, I found out from my GP that my blood results came back and indicated my iron count is low. I must go and collect a prescription from my Doctors surgery and begin to take them asap. However, I’ve been fine with iron-rich foods, so I will be resuming my iron-rich food intake and will strive to stick to it.

I know many people across the world are sceptical about eating right – and would prefer to take pills for all their health needs. Which I respect is a choice we all have to make in our lives. However, for me and the fact that my body lacks iron, I’m choosing to eat more iron-rich foods.

Taking iron tablets in the past has been a horrible experience which led to other problems. Whereas incorporating more iron into my diet, has aided the increase of my iron count and provided me with a bounty of positive benefits.

The rewards of eating right outweigh the need to consume medicated pills for nutritional deficiencies. I believe that if you’re able to change your diet to help heal your body, then you should do that. Alternatively, you can introduce small changes to your diet. Rather than changing it too suddenly, different people require different things. And some people need more time, whereas others can change overnight.

It may seem daunting to eat healthier, I know some people who have a plethora of excuses not to even try. I recommend you try first!

  • Write down how you feel and what’s working, what needs to be improved.
  • Evaluate the elements that you feel aren’t working for you.
  • Try new plant-based foods and keep them in your diet if you like them.
  • Listen to your body!
  • Be confident in your ability to change for a better version of YOU.

I believe in you!


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