Have Fun

Yes, I agree weight loss is a serious aspect that you’re incorporating into your life. However, who said you can’t enjoy yourself?

I can list 5 things that I have fun with during my plant-based weight loss journey:

  1. Random recipe creation – I just cook a lot of vegetables together and sometimes it tastes amazing.
  2. Walking Routes – During the summertime, I explored new areas to walk/jog through. It was awesome when the route had very little traffic and included a few hills to get my heart pumping.
  3. Plant-based smoothies – Ha-ha! If you follow me on Instagram @uniquefatso you’ll see that I infrequently post the random smoothies I make. I will be sharing those recipes in due course.
  4. Reflective Writing – My blog is where I post elements of my thoughts on areas of my weight loss journey. Some of which are things I’ve learnt along the way, whereas others revisit my past and my relationship with food.
  5. Learning – Changing my behaviours and making healthy swaps, involves a lot of learning. I often read other blogs, articles, books and various forms of literature on fitness and nutrition. It encourages me to understand more about the food I eat and what I should be eating to nourish my body.

Your weight loss journey shouldn’t be daunting or a negative experience. Remember, you’re doing this to live a healthier life. Who said you can’t enjoy yourself?


Unique Fatso

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I don't write. I create. #EveryHeartbeatCounts

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