3 Things You Like About Yourself?

Before I started my weight loss journey, I couldn’t list one thing that I liked about myself. I hated every inch of my body. In particularly my thighs and my stomach, both of which bare my tiger stripes. I hated my body because to me, my reflection was ugly and undesirable.
It has taken me a while to come to terms with the way my body looks, and I still struggle sometimes during intimacy showing my whole body.

Today, I can list a few things down that I like about myself;
• My wrists.
• My eyes.
• My lips.
• My skin.

This all started with a friend suggesting I try and list 10 things I like about myself. At the time/ and today, I can’t make it to 10. However, I have made it to 4 and I’m happy with that number.

Below I’ve attached a PDF that you may download and print off, to help you get started on describing the aspects that you like about yourself. Have a look at your reflection, look into your eyes, feel your skin and appreciate your body.

I hope this helps!

Unique Fatso

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