Focus: A May Since Passed

A May Since Passed

Once upon a May, I ate meat like every day, fried, boiled, roasted it never stopped or went away.

Everywhere I frequented, junk food poured my way – ‘Fat for sale! Come get your heart-attack, buy one get one free.’

Coronary heart disease


Who cares?

Not society, as it benefits from the fried food it bares.

I thought about it from time to time, what I’m eating the life I’m feeding and who will fall when I do.

99p bargains for all, including me too!

I was once an avid consumer of animal-based sausage rolls.

A person being belittled and betrayed by the powers that be.

I was once a weaker version of the Unique Fatso you now see.

Today, I stand tall by a myriad of amazing people.

I’m thankful.

If I hadn’t taken that first step to heal myself and move forward, I wouldn’t be here today.

I removed the pressures life bought to my attention, I moved bad vibes away, far away.

A May since passed I was shattered into a million pieces, the goblins, ghouls and fake friends continued to stomp on the deceased me.

Start today!

Trust me, things do change, it just takes a bit of time.

I now cook jackfruit curry, with rice and peas.

Today I drank a dairy-free smoothie, filled with pomegranate seeds.

Water consumption is up, meat consumption is non-existent.

My general health is improving and my legacy will bear witness.

Stay focused.

Choose you, always choose you!

Unique Fatso

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