To Dance or Not to Dance? That is the Question!

As a teenager, I went clubbing every now and again, but I never became someone who wanted to visit nightclubs often. When I was around 18 I felt amazing in my short, black mini dress. I’ve always been curvy but that night I felt beautiful. I used to dance the night away and dancing in heels is a workout! My calves would feel tight and tired but I would continue dancing, it didn’t matter how I danced as long as my body moved no one cared much.

As the world turned, I grew fatter and with that came the moments I squeeze into that same dress, sucking in my stomach and remembering how sexy I once looked. Needless to say after that moment, I made my excuses and never went back to a nightclub ever again.

Today, I’ll play my favourite tunes on my smart device and connect it to my Bluetooth speakers. I’ll dance around in shorts and an old t-shirt (House clothes.) I’ll sing into a hairbrush, twirling around, like I’m the best dancer in the world! I feel each bend and stretch within the unpracticed choice of movements. Sometimes I get thirsty and slow down for a glass of water…

No mini, black dress. No onlookers and no negative feelings about my body. I dance and my thighs jiggle, my stomach wiggles and my ass is flat so it does nothing. Dancing at home feels wonderful.

As the world spins, I’ll spin too.

One day, I’ll put on my heels and spin around everything new. I look forward to my future confidence, I know she’s a tiger waiting to pounce – on the dance floor that it.

I’ll wear a mini, blue dress with mustard coloured heels…it’s important to dream and believe that YOU CAN.

Remember, I’m here with you, using the same path.

Unique Fatso

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I don't write. I create. #EveryHeartbeatCounts

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