Food: Why I Buy Chickpeas, Lentils and Mushrooms?

It’s no secret that nearly all my meals contain one, two or all the above! I enjoy meals I create with them and I’m always surprised at the results – the dishes I’ve created taste amazing.

I began to incorporate mushrooms more into my diet a few years ago, after being told by my GP that my vitamin D count is low. Vitamin D is absorbed naturally from the sun, however, upon reading literature around food that contains vitamin D. I learned that chestnut mushrooms are good for those trying to increase their intake on this unique vitamin.

     I was adding mushrooms to the gravy and other dishes I ate when I was a meat-eater. However, since going plant-based, I add mushrooms to nearly every meal because I love the texture and how full they make me feel. Hmm, I guess my favourite dish would be mushroom rice! 😊

Which chickpeas, I tend to add them to curries, stews, and soups. They’re a healthy plant-based source of protein and if I ever go wild eating extra, I don’t feel bad because its good for my body. Those of you that have been following me on Instagram will see the multiple times I post a dish that contains chickpeas or my appreciation posts of hummus.

Finally, lentils!

Now, with lentils, I like different types depending on the meal in question. For instance, when I make soup, I prefer to use red lentils in soup, curry and some rice dishes (I use red lentils more than anything.) I only need to rinse them, but they don’t need soaking like other kinds of lentils.

     Again, they’re filling and full of fibre! I go regularly these days. But I do recall back in the days I consumed meat, I often went a day or two without any bowel movement. I never thought much about it then. I used to have a bowl of Weetabix for breakfast to get some fibre into me. I didn’t think my poor bowel movement was anything to be worried about.

In a society/world life that churns out ‘food’ and tells you to eat all your dinner. You just eat, that’s all I did for many, many years. I wish I understood the importance of eating for good health. Not eating for the sake of it.

Today, I mainly buy fresh fruit and veg. However, for the items that I buy such as vegan pizza by Chicago Town and vegan butter by Flora, I always read the ingredients and ask myself, ‘what does this mean for me?’ If the answer is no bowel movement or something negative for my health and wellbeing, I simply don’t buy it!

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