Don’t Hurt Yourself

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Don’t Hurt Yourself

The days you’re running late and convince yourself there’s not enough time to make breakfast.

The days you head out to work, and you’re hungry, so you visit Greggs, or some café and purchase a hot drink and a pastry. Commence workaround 09:00, and by 10:00 you’re hungry!

You’re hungry because you hadn’t made time for breakfast, you thought you could substitute your hunger with an overpriced refined flour sweet treat.

A treat made with your bank-balance in mind and that loose change that loiters in your pocket.

Take a moment to think about this: How long does it take to prep ‘over-night oats’ before you go to bed?

How much time does it take to prepare peanut-butter on toast?

How long does it take to blitz a pre-portion of fruit for a smoothie?

How much time is expelled having a few spoons of Alpro, topped with a sprinkle of seeds?

Back to 10:00am you’re hungry, so you make a cuppa tea and chow down on the treats being shared around the office.

Don’t Hurt Yourself

You’ll feel awful afterwards.

You’ll swell with sweet regret.

Always, make time to make breakfast and enjoy it!

10-15 minutes isn’t being selfish, it’s about choosing health.

I skipped breakfast on Monday the 18th of November 2019, I told myself I didn’t have enough time…

Excuses like that, slow you down.

I was only lying to myself.

Don’t Hurt Yourself – #ChooseHealth

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