Break Fast

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As I sleep, I’m indulgent in dreams of food and drink that keeps me in at the seams.

I want cakes, chocolate, ice-cream and pic ‘n’ mix. I want deep-fried chunky chips with gravy and plant-based cheese melting at the tips.

Homer and I are leaping, bunny hops into sugared dust. Homer and I are besties, especially with a cheese-filled crust.

SURPRISE! The chocolate inside, soon to be inside me.

SURPRISE! Unique SURPRISE! Today is eat all you can eat – say no to MEAT.

Let’s meet by the oven, our garlic bread is almost ready. They say its all Italian, like seitan meatballs and spaghetti.

Hurry up, hurry up, the food is getting cold! It’s okay, we adore banana oat-shake and our curves often fold.

‘Unique, Unique, where are you, my love?’

‘I lay bathing in chocolate, 100% vegan I’m told.’

‘But Unique, we need you to join us the time is now, and we’re ready.’

‘My love, I love food, and today I’m eating steadily.’

As I sleep I’m devouring a pint of apple juice with balls of ice. I’m thinking about pudding and hoping the pie is sweet and contains no spice. Ugh! I hate cinnamon, cinna-what? Cinna-wrong. My dreamscape is a nightmare, a nightmare and a song.

Oh, food glorious food, why do exist so?

I’m on a journey of weight loss and I’m thankful, you must know.

Wholefoods, whole grains, whole me and whole you. I’m immersed in the soft part of seeded toast, plant-based butter melted into.


I’m stirring porridge 40 grams and ½ cup of oat milk.

Awake, I sip a glass of lemon-infused water first thing with the morning sun.

Awake I run around the block, well I jog which is still a kind of run?

The wind cools my face, my neck and the top half of my chest. I run, and I’m free, I run, though I’m not fast.

I’m ahead, it’s only me running. My tears fall fast, and I know where I’m going.


No breaks.



Together or solo – no more will I fear eating for my body requires minerals and vitamins through eating. Plant-based, plant-based my body loves green.

Full flavour and taste, everything clean and seen.

No hidden agenda, no ingredients I can’t pronounce. Wholegrain, whole foods are good for me, all meat I denounce.



We can do this!

I implore you to believe in yourself, I know you can trust this.

After a long day of working, thinking and planning. 15 hours or more, lunchbox prepping and packing.

Checking blogs about diets and fitness – one plan suit all? Not me, I forgive this.

Our bodies are different and in print we all witness!

We crave inspiration on matters we speak, we find inspiration via Google we seek.

Create self-motivation, unambiguous and pure.

Be at one with yourself, awake or asleep, at dinner, lunch, breakfast at break, and when you fast.

At sleep I’m indulgent in drink and food, I love binge eating dreams for my dreams prelude. #UniqueFatso

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