Family, Friends & Foxes


I’ve had cousins, aunts, uncles and even grandparents – Disrespect me by mocking my looks and my weight. I’ve grown up being told that I should look a certain way. Skinny, Skinner and oh yeah! skinny!


The cools kids liked me for being strong and able to fight those who tried me.

But they always commented on my weight. All the time, everyday! It was always there. Commentary in motion. It’s almost as if my life is a form of Big Brother.


Smiling assassins, they smile at me daily, offer me cups of tea. Tell me I look amazing and then snarl when I bite into a biscuit that good ol’ Ms Jackson baked last night.

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One thought on “Family, Friends & Foxes

  1. that’s such a shame! I admit, i’m guilty of trying to encourage my daughter to do things that will improve her health, and I REALLY can’t talk! but I hope I’ve never made her feel bad! I’m enjoying your blog posts 🙂

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