Reflections: C25K – Week 6

Reflections: C25K – Week 6

Last week was a challenging week, my laptop broke down, and I hadn’t backed up everything. I cried, cried and cried some more. But crying doesn’t solve an issue. Instead, it seeks to prolong it.

I sought help and was ignored by people who are there to help.

I turned to family and friends and found solace – I know a broken laptop is nothing to some people, but I have a degree to complete and indeed blog posts to create and share.

Week 6 involved a lot of walking, and that was good; I ran once, and for the most part, I  wanted to get through the week and have some time for myself. However, it was the most stressful week I have had this month – being transparent, and this C25K was not at the forefront of my mind. However, I got up and went out and walked.

Life can bump through and knock you off your path and out of your lane. It can place an empty plastic bottle, broken glass or a deceitful person in your way and push you into a pit of darkness. However, I had to step up and climb out of this crap and continue.

Week 6 taught me that the only one I can depend upon is myself, first and foremost. Then trusted friends and family second. A training plan is challenging to remain consistent with, especially when the perils of life break down during your day. But, getting through week six has shown me that I can do this and grow to become a better version of the woman I am today.

‘Keep ya head up, even when the roads are hard, never give up.’ – Tupac Shakur

Live a healthy life,


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