Reflection: C25K – Week 3

What a phenomenal week of training!

I trained for 6/7 days with 4/7 days dedicated to the plan. I admit that it had taken me an age to push through and get dressed. I had many occasions where I would tell myself that ‘this plan is not for me, I can’t make it! I’m not a runner.’

However, I got up and got outside – oh, the joy I get from jogging.

I take pride in every slow step I take into becoming a fitter woman. I see people race right past me, and I smile – I’m happy to see them and equally happy I’m on the right pathway to improving my health and lifestyle.

On Sunday the 16th of May, I had completed session four, and during this session, my legs felt tired at times. But I persevered, and gee, I felt great. Upon returning home, I found that my FitBit friend was close to winning the Weekend Warrior challenge. Therefore, I started marching on the spot until I passed 10,000 steps.

I then had a nice hot shower and then napped for a few hours.

I recommend C25K training for everyone – week three has been the best week so far.

I should also highlight that this training has boosted my mental health to the point where I feel a positive mindset and value it even more after exercise.

Live a healthy life


Unique Fatso

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