Reflection: C25K – Weeks One and Two

Week One

Erm, this never worked out as expected.

Anxiety took over and I convinced myself that I couldn’t do this, who wants to see a fat woman running through the streets?

It had taken me 1 hr and 45 minutes to get up and get out and about! I was dressed and ready to go, but mentally my mind wasn’t ready to do this.

Eventually, I completed 1/3 session and avoided the rest by giving myself excuses to skip the final 2 sessions that week. During the session, I gradually broke out into a gentle jog and reverted to power-walking. I needed to feel comfortable and I knew it would take time.

After jogging for 30 minutes I returned home and I felt a mixture of emotions, the main one being relief! I was glad it was over – then negativity honed in and I never completed another session for the rest of that week.

Week Two

What a wonderful week it has been, I vowed to complete 3 sessions and I’m happy to share with you that I have done just that.

On Monday it had taken me a good half an hour to get outside, as I felt guilty about only completing one session the week before. Today is now Saturday and I’m happy I’ve completed 3 sessions of workouts for around 30 minutes per session.


I feel great! And inspired to get out and go jogging next week.

I’m elated that I completed 3 sessions this week – I hadn’t thought I could do this but now I have, therefore I can.

C25K has positively boosted my mental health, I feel happier and my mind feels lighter.

Live a healthy life,


Unique Fatso

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